What Sellers Need to Know When Working with a Business Broker


About the Episode

In this day and age of rapidly growing entrepreneurship, there are more and more options for you to consider when it comes to deciding who to work with to help you sell your company. Business brokers have been around forever, but changing perceptions in the rapidly changing M&A industry have challenged some business brokers to find creative ways to separate themselves from others to stand out in a crowded field.

So how do the best business brokers serve those interests? Nelson Bayford brings 40 years of business brokerage success to every client he works with. As business broker and commercial specialist at Business Finders Canada, Nelson will share his view of what a business broker should do for their clients while providing sound advice to entrepreneurs looking to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

Meet Our Guest

Nelson Bayford

Nelson Bayford

Certified Business Broker and Commercial Realtor at Business Finders Canada

Nelson Bayford has over 35 years of experience in real estate, financial services, business brokerage and franchising, both as an owner and advisor. Nelson has structured and promoted several Joint Ventures and Private Equity Placements in Canada and internationally. As an intermediary at Business Finders Canada, Nelson can represent sellers or buyers. Nelson enjoys public speaking and coaching. He is known for his positive outlook in life and ability to inspire others to achieve their career goals.

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