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Will Selling Your Business Make You Happy?

Will Selling Your Business Make You Happy?

Marco Robert

M&A | Investments

This is a different sort of episode on M&A Talk. This personal chat about happiness features Marco Robert, an entrepreneur, business consultant, and truly happy person. What does happiness have to do with M&A? Why is happiness a taboo topic? How does happiness relate to the business world? What is the correlation between happiness and success? How do you find balance in your own environment? Full of wisdom, personal anecdotes, book recommendations, and much more, this episode will give you much to think about and might even change your life.

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Guest Profile

Marco Robert is a lecturer, turnaround management consultant, corporate board advisor, and venture capitalist. He is also the author of the book, The Business Intervention. Since the early 2000s, in his role as a consultant, he has advised more than 800 corporate leaders and business owners from around the world, including Africa, America, Canada, Europe, and Asia. With the help of the aptly named BOSS management system he created, Marco helps pinpoint business solutions to turnaround any business. He spends most of his working time consulting with companies through difficult turnaround challenges, with their funding needs, or with their M&A efforts.

Topics Covered

  • What percentage of business owners achieve the goal of happiness? [2:00]
  • Marco’s take on happiness [3:00]
  • The idea of consciousness, how to define it, and apply it [5:20]
  • Stories of Marco’s start as an entrepreneur [9:53]
  • What are the elements of Marco’s “secret sauce”? [13:10]
  • How does your client’s (mostly entrepreneurs) state of mind impact their happiness? [16:03]
  • What are the patterns of people who achieve happiness? [23:25] 
  • Is happiness inherent, or does it take hard work to achieve? [24:01]
  • Why is teaching happiness neglected nowadays?  [28:50]
  • How do you listen to what your inner self wants?  [38:20]
  • What is the root issue behind why people end up selling their business? [42:30] 
  • What do your clients do to become happy? [51:45]

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