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Working with an Investment Banker

Working with an Investment Banker

Ann Hanna


Many of us already have a good idea of what an investment bank is, but how they differ from a business broker or other firms specializing in mergers and acquisitions may not be so clear. How can they help you get the maximum value for your company? What criteria do they use to determine which companies they will actually work with? How does the transaction process work, and how are you — the owner —involved? What are some of the common misconceptions about working with an investment bank? For answers to these and other questions, we turn to Ann Hanna, managing director of Schenck M&A Solutions. It’s a conversation you won’t want to miss on this edition of “Deal Talk.”

Guest Profile

  • Employed with Schenck M&A Solutions since 2012.
  • Undergrad degree earned in 1984 from the University of Colorado
  • Graduate degree/certifications – MBA; CPA; Registered Investment
  • Banking Agent FINRA series 79, 62, 63 licenses; WI Real Estate Broker license
  • 50+ clients in this area
  • 23 years experience in this area
  • 100% of time devoted to clients in this area

Specialties also include: Recapitalization, Due Diligence, Management Buyouts, Family Transitions, Specialty Financing

Investment Banking Services: Registered Investment Banking Agent with Series 79, 62, and 63 licenses. Securities offered through Burch & Company, Inc.

M&A practice is general. We handle a variety of businesses; however, due to our location we tend to handle a large number of manufacturing, distribution, metal fabrication, foundry, business services, and food & beverage companies. M&A practice is set up to operate as a traditional investment banking firm. Led the sale and acquisition of many small and medium sized businesses, as well as multiple new corporate start-ups. Extensive operational experience as a current or past owner of several successful businesses.


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