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Buying a Business

How do I maximize the value of my business? Start by making it appear less fungible. You can’t necessarily retool your product line overnight, but you can identify and promote specific aspects of your business that give you -- and the new owner -- an edge. Fungibility is the ability of individual units of a good or a commodity to be substituted for one another. Essentially, it means the goods are interchangeable. For example, one $10 bill is interchangeable with any other genuine $10 bill or with any combination of bills and coins that add up to $10. Fungible commodities include water, food, precious metals, and, possibly, your business. So, what does fungibility have to do with your company? In business, a fungible asset is one that can easily be substituted for another asset. For example, machinery may be considered a fungible asset in certain types of businesses. Labor may also be considered fungible in certain industries. In the world of mergers and acquisitions, a fungible business is one that can be easily substituted by the acquisition of another business. For example, if a buyer is purchasing a business solely for the cash flow it generates, then that buyer can...

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