Farm to Fork – A Discussion of the Agricultural Supply Chain

About the Episode

The agricultural industry’s broad supply chain and complex distribution system feed the world. Cale Rice, VP of lending with National Bank Holdings, brings his passion and extensive experience to the table to discuss financing, banking, and the challenges that exist for the food and agricultural industry. He discusses the complexities of the supply chain, factors that impact the commodity markets, advice about taking on debt, and the influence of technology on growth and productivity in agriculture.

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In this Episode

4:55 Is there a different perspective on the agricultural industry for someone who grew up in a farming family versus an employee hired from outside the family?
7:30 What is often misunderstood about the farming industry from the manufacturing and distribution side?
14:03 What were the major contributing factors that drove up the price of proteins, and when did the rise start?
16:20 How is the interplay between cash and feed crops impacted by drought, particularly the most recent drought since 2020?
18:29 What are the fundamental drivers of volatility in the industry, and how do these factors tie into banking?
21:04 Where does agriculture stand now in terms of commodity prices, such as beef and grain?
26:33 What is the labor market situation for the agriculture industry?
33:26 From a lending perspective, what is the biggest challenge to the agribusiness industry?
35:19 How should an owner prepare their farming or manufacturing business before deciding to take on debt?
37:49 How are financial deal structures unique in the agricultural industry?
41:10 What has driven the volatility of the commodity market over the past few years?
50:20 Are growth and productivity gains passed on to the middle of the supply chain or to farmers?
54:20 What does the future hold for the food and agriculture industry?
58:00 Advice on how to cope with the complexities of the agricultural industry.

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Meet Our Guest

Cale Rice

Cale Rice

Vice President of Lending in the Food & Agribusiness group of National Bank Holdings (NBH)

Cale Rice is currently a . He is responsible for new relationship generation and helps manage their existing client portfolio that covers production livestock, the dairy industry, large-scale farm equipment dealers, sugar mills, row crop farming, and food production across multiple commodity types.

Prior to joining NBH, Cale was with a division of Farm Credit in northeast Texas in a similar role, and before that, he spent almost 10 years with Dairy Farmers of America working on the milk marketing side of operations, covering all aspects of procurement and operational management across the southwestern U.S. Cale has personal experience with production agriculture in both his studies in college and with his family-owned farming and ranching operation in the Gulf Coast region of Texas.

Cale received his Associate’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Western Oklahoma State College, his Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in Agricultural Economics and Agronomy from Oklahoma Panhandle State University, and his Master’s degree in Agricultural Business and Management from Texas A&M University.

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