Cultivating Innovation: Strategies for Success in the Sugar Beet Industry

About the Episode

Albert Duoibes has been focused on innovation in the F&B sector for over 35 years. His focus currently is on the sugar beet industry, but his advice and comments extend beyond sugar. Albert discusses using natural resources, minimizing waste, and the environmental impact of the supply chain. He describes the power of sugar, the need for more innovation throughout the supply chain, explains how the innovation process works, the impact this can have far beyond sugar beets, and offers advice for people with a new idea.

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In this Episode

2:18 Does sugar deserve the negative reputation that it tends to have?
9:47 Industrialization of organic farming for beet sugar.
12:52 Is beet sugar healthier than cane sugar?
14:04 Why is there a strong demand for innovation within the sugar beet sector supply chain?
16:21 What are some differences in innovations in the sugar beet supply chain between the United States and Europe?
18:47 What changes need to be made in the supply chain to reduce our impact on the environment?
23:54 How many beet processing plants are there in the United States right now?
28:40 What goes into creating an idea or innovation?
34:38 How did Albert stumble on the sugar beet problem?
40:37 What is the way to find the right stakeholders when developing and commercializing a new idea?
43:03 Is efficiency directly correlated with sustainability?
47:11 What is the biggest bottleneck when it comes to innovation and reducing our impact on the environment?
52:13 Advice for people who have an idea and want to be innovative.

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Acronyms or Terms Used in This Episode

  • GMO – genetically modified organisms

Meet Our Guest

Albert Duoibes

Albert Duoibes

President and CEO of Nuvive

Albert Duoibes, President and CEO of Nuvive, is an executive, entrepreneur, corporate developer, and innovator with several U.S. patents in the fields of life science, food valorization, and sustainability. He has a formal education in information technology and bio-science.

Albert has been an entrepreneur for the last 35 years through several successful ventures. For the past five years, his focus has been on innovation, technology development, and implantation to help address agricultural and food emergencies related to climate change and response to global population growth, growing food demand, and food insecurity.

Location Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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