The Future of Food & Beverage Distribution

About the Episode

How food products move is a critical topic for the Food & Beverage industry. Dennis Silva, COO of Julius Silvert, talks about the distribution channel and differences in distribution needs for the retail food sector vs. the food service industry. Topics include food inflation and labor shortages, how these issues impact consumer options, changes in the “just-in-time” model of inventory ordering, food consumption trends, and the importance of a food producer having a vision and strategy for their product in the marketplace.

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In this Episode

3:15 What is the main difference between retail and food service companies from a distribution standpoint?
6:26 What have been the most pressing changes in the food & beverage industry since the COVID-19 pandemic?
14:50 What impacts pricing in the supply chain?
17:47 Are there specific trends in the supply chain?
19:26 What impact will COVID adjustments have on the market?
24:40 What are the trends in the food & beverage industry?
27:51 What is the influence of the farm-to-table trend on the food industry?
31:30 How have food consumption trends changed over the years?
35:20 Is there a difference between the trends in the food service industry versus trends in the retail industry?
37:15 Are current consumption trends impacting international sources?
40:52 When was the last major disruption in the food industry?
43:33 How do smaller players compete in the retail sector?
44:55 Will the multiples for retail acquisitions change in the next few years?
49:22 Are there any recent innovations in the retail sector?
50:47 What’s the #1 issue in the retail sector on the consumer side?
53:21 What are the trends in the food service sector?
1:00:07 How much of what chefs need and want in terms of ingredients is driven by consumer preference versus business pragmatism?
1:06:30 What are some commonly held beliefs in the food industry that are inaccurate?
1:11:00 Has there been an increase in small start-up food companies since the pandemic, and what impact will this have on the distribution chain?

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Acronyms or Terms Used in This Episode

  • MDF: market development funds
  • BOGO: buy one, get one
  • CPG: consumer packaged goods

Meet Our Guest

Dennis Silva

Dennis Silva

Chief Operating Officer of Julius Silvert

Dennis Silva serves as Chief Operating Officer of Julius Silvert, a 4th-generation specialty food wholesaler servicing the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. He provides day-to-day oversight across all departments reporting directly to family ownership.

Dennis has broad experience working with private equity, boards of directors, C-suites, and management consulting. He possesses a track record of scaling new business segments while delivering multimillion-dollar profitability improvements.

After leading the sale of Dari Farms DSD Distributors to a California-based private equity firm, Dennis was named CEO with the management of 450+ vendor and retail partners and 200+ employees. He subsequently joined Park City Group, a publicly traded SaaS provider, as an operating partner focused on value-add technologies for food and beverage distributors and manufacturers. In conjunction with this work, Dennis founded American Food and Beverage Advisors, a consulting agency that helped emerging brands become established within the grocery-retail marketplace.

Having earned his M.B.A. from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, Dennis maintains a nationwide network of food distributors along with active Board participation in the Connecticut Food Association, which honored him with the “Next Generation Leader of the Year” award in 2017.

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