From Insights to Impact: Using Consumer Research to Drive Brand Success

About the Episode

Connecting with consumers is key to building effective product positioning. Kathy Guzmán Galloway offers expert advice on how to identify and avoid three major pitfalls to branding and positioning an F&B product. She discusses effective branding, establishing a strong identity, fostering memorable brand name recall, and connecting with consumers on an emotional level. The challenge of brand positioning is never done, but you can evolve with your consumers and stay front and center on the shelves.

“Brand positioning is ultimately the thing that will drive your success in getting your product into the hands of people who want this product.”

Kathy Guzmán Galloway

What You’ll Learn

  • Learning About Your Consumer: Insights into how a company can get to know its consumers well enough to successfully position its brand in the market.
  • Effective Research: Tips on how to do effective consumer research with any budget from $0 on up.
  • Knowing What Makes You Different: Find the difference that consumers care about enough to compel them to switch to your product.
  • Brand Promise: That one thing that the consumer cares about enough to choose your product over another.

Topics Covered

What is the number one pitfall in branding for companies? [2:35] 
What is the power of really good product positioning? [10:35] 
What is the second biggest pitfall when it comes to positioning? [18:00]
How does packaging impact the message at the moment the consumer is making purchasing decisions? [22:58] 
How do memorable names and packaging impact branding and marketing strategies? [29:59]
What is the third pitfall to avoid when determining product positioning? [37:04]
How do evolving consumer interests impact brand positioning? [42:10]

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Meet Our Guest

Kathy Guzman Galloway

Kathy Guzman Galloway

CEO of The Clarity Wizard | The Colony, Texas

Kathy Guzmán Galloway is an accomplished strategist, consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry veteran, and brand positioning expert. With 20 years of CPG experience, Kathy, CEO and Head Wizard at The Clarity Wizard, has helped organizations across CPG categories, including Lay’s, Nature Made, and Hella Cocktail Co. Kathy is a sought-after teacher and speaker, sharing her knowledge and frameworks across a number of platforms, including for SKU, as a Master Teacher for their CPG Accelerator, for BevNET LIVE in NYC, and 7-Eleven’s Brands with Heart Program.

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