Saving the Planet One Plant-Based Food Company at A Time

About the Episode

Plant-based foods are gaining popularity as consumers recognize the relationship between eating well and feeling well. Connie Marples, founder of Boosh Plant-Based Foods, shares her experiences operating a start-up through going public and recently acquiring Beanfields. She discusses consumer preferences and interest in plant-based foods, financial audits, integrating an established new acquisition into a company model, and the challenges presented in moving a home kitchen recipe to a commercial recipe.

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In this Episode

1:12 What does plant-based mean? Is it the same as vegan?
3:02 How did Boosh Foods start? What was the most difficult aspect of starting the company?
6:38 How can a broker help an entrepreneur expand their distributor network?
8:39 How interested are consumers in plant-based foods?
10:38 What started the trend toward people eating a vegan diet?
14:58 What was the process of growing from a start-up to going public?
20:25 What went into the decision to acquire Beanfields?
22:43 What was the acquisition process for Beanfields like?
26:17 What was the biggest learning experience from completing an acquisition?
31:41 What is the difference between creating a home recipe vs. a commercial recipe?
34:00 What is more challenging in terms of production, making shelf-stable food or frozen food?
38:26 What are the biggest objections to plant-based foods, according to buyers?
40:25 What is the future of plant-based foods?

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  • Amuse-bouche – This refers to a small amusing bite of a starter or appetizer.

Meet Our Guest

Connie Marples

Connie Marples

Founder and President of Boosh Plant-Based Brands, Inc.

Connie Marples is the founder and president of Boosh Plant-Based Brands, Inc., and was named interim CEO in June 2022. Boosh is a ready-to-eat food company offering plant-based, heat-and-eat, family-oriented entrees and meals. The company distributes its food products through retail outlets and independent grocery stores throughout Canada. They recently acquired the U.S. plant-based snack company Beanfields.

Connie Marples has been receiving food-oriented awards for over 20 years and continues to win awards with Boosh, where she’s driving plant-food innovation and setting a standard of high-quality and healthy frozen meals. Her foray into the food industry began as she often delivered frozen or hot meals to friends who encouraged her to expand her great flavours to a broader audience. This led her to create small batches in her tiny kitchen that she distributed weekly to local customers across Vancouver, and British Columbia. Boosh Food has grown to become a publicly traded company with products sold in grocery stores all over Canada, with an eye to expanding into America.

Location Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

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