Going Public? 3 Ways to Raise Funds

About the Episode

This episode delves into the world of IPOs and the three main ways private middle-market companies raise money. Scott Lanciloti has over 20 years of specializing in the IPO process and explains how the SPAC and IPO markets are intertwined with the M&A market. Topics include the similarities between preparing a company for sale and doing an IPO, the evolution and growth of a company, the prime time for a company to do an IPO, what happens after a SPAC makes an acquisition, and other avenues for raising money.

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In this Episode

2:28 Are IPOs (initial public offering) an exit?
5:01 What is the typical range of money an IPO can raise, and what is the typical market cap range?
7:00 Who are the buyers or investors of an IPO?
13:50 What are the prerequisites a company should have before doing an IPO?
18:34 How many meetings are conducted for a typical IPO?
22:04 What happens after launching an IPO?
23:00 What’s the number one driver for a company deciding to go public?
25:22 What’s the toughest thing about doing an IPO?
28:13 What is a SPAC (special purpose acquisition company)?
31:14 How do you value a SPAC?
35:05 Who are the people who form a SPAC?
38:48 What happens after a SPAC makes an acquisition?
41:20  What is a different avenue of raising money other than an IPO?

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Meet Our Guest

Scott Lanciloti

Scott Lanciloti

Director of Capital Markets with Broadridge

Scott Lanciloti has spent over 25 years working with clients around the world in the financial services technology arena. He is currently the Director of Capital Markets at Broadridge, a global fintech leader providing advanced communications, technology, data, and analytics solutions for the financial services industry and businesses. Scott has experience in financial printing, transfer agents, corporate action, virtual data room, and investor relation services. Scott also serves on the Board of the Boston Chapter of the National Investor Relations Institute and is an avid lacrosse fan, still playing “Old Guy” lacrosse.

Location Location: Newton, Massachusetts

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