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Behind the Scenes of a Family Office

Behind the Scenes of a Family Office

Alejandro Levy

Family Office | Investments

What exactly is a family office? How are they structured, and what goes into their investment decisions? Family offices are common buyers in the middle market, so it pays to understand them. This conversation with Alejandro Levy, a Senior Investment Manager with InvestX Capital, gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what sets family offices apart, the types and sizes of family offices, what role the family office plays in the M&A space, and what a family office focuses on when considering a company to buy.

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Guest Profile

Alejandro Levy is a Family Office Consultant with InvestX, a private equity investment firm specializing in businesses that have moved beyond the start-up phase. He has over 20 years of experience in the private markets. He has placed private equity deals with investors in Latin America, the Middle East, and the USA, ranging from entrepreneurs and leaders of successful private and public companies to multi-generational family groups and foundations. 

Alejandro takes a holistic approach to helping clients with financial management. He incorporates advanced estate, trust, philanthropic planning, family governance, and working with the next generation of ownership. Alejandro offers advice in pre- and post-sale liquidity and objective investment management. He also supports custom hedging, monetization, and risk management strategies for concentrated asset class positions.

Topics Covered

  • What is a family office? [1:20]
  • What are the objectives of a family office? [3:29]
  • What is the structure of a family office? [15:53]
  • How common is it for family offices to acquire companies? [20:54]
  • What does an entrepreneur need to know about family offices, and how do they make investment decisions? [23:57]
  • Why do family offices prefer to make investments in private equity firms? [27:30]
  • What are the advantages of investing in private equity vs. other investment vehicles for a family office? [32:00]
  • What is your advice to business owners interested in selling to a family office? [36:15]

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