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Current and Future Trends in M&A

Current and Future Trends in M&A

Raghav Ranjan

M&A Strategy | Advisor to Industrial and Private Equity Firms

This episode of M&A Talk features Raghav Ranjan, an international M&A strategist with over 15 years of experience across more than 25 countries. Raghav leads Deloitte’s M&A Strategy and Diligence and has been recognized as an emerging talent in the M&A world as a winner of the 2021 Emerging Leaders Awards by The M&A Advisor.

Options for corporate development, trends in dealmaking, advice, and thoughts on M&A going forward and much more are covered in this detailed conversation, so join us now as we discuss the future of M&A growth. 

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Guest Profile

Raghav has 15 years of experience in M&A and corporate strategy for Private Equity, Industrial, and Consumer Business clients. He leads Deloitte’s M&A Strategy and Diligence offering for Energy, Resources, and Industrials. He has worked extensively on acquisition strategy, target screening, commercial & operational due diligence, integration & divestiture planning, and competitive strategy assignments. His deal making experience spans across 25+ countries across North America, Latin America, Europe, Oceania, and South-East Asia.

Raghav has been the lead advisor on a number of transactions that include conducting commercial and operational diligence on over 150 transactions for both strategics and Private Equity clients. Raghav was recently announced as a winner of The Emerging Leaders Awards from The MA Advisor.

Topics Covered

  • What is the essence of due diligence? Is it iterative or can it be planned in detail from the outset? [6:35]
  • What are the different aspects of due diligence? [8:30]
  • Overview of corporate development options, both organic and inorganic [19:00]
  • How will the M&A landscape change as a result of changes in our use of technology? [22:30]
  • How are inorganic growth options, such as M&A, likely to change in the future? [25:00]
  • How will the role of private equity in M&A change over the next twenty years? [30:40]
  • How does the role of M&A vary in different regions, such as India, China, Europe, and Asia? [34:10]
  • Are M&A strategies converging as a result of globalization? [37:45]
  • What M&A wave are we in now? [38:55]
  • Do you discuss these issues with your corporate clients, or are these issues strictly theoretical? [41:20]
  • What’s your advice to business owners? [43:35]
  • The M&A lifecycle [47:40]
  • What does M&A strategy planning look like for a large company? [1:02:30]
  • How is wargaming used to develop an M&A strategy? [1:07:30]
  • How often should the M&A strategy be revised? [1:08:30]
  • How will the M&A lifecycle change in the future? [1:09:25]
  • What external factor slows down M&A growth the most? [1:18:15]

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