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Healthcare M&A – Recent Changes and Predictions

Healthcare M&A – Recent Changes and Predictions

Michael Roub

Healthcare M&A

Healthcare is a top global issue that impacts personal lives and corporate deals. Michael Roub returns to M&A Talk to discuss recent changes in the healthcare M&A industry. In this wide-ranging discussion, he covers how changes in interest rates impact deals, which sectors attract the most interest from private equity groups, and the attraction of dental services. Topics also include where growth opportunities lie within the industry and the biggest challenge to doing transactions in the healthcare space.

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Guest Profile

Michael Roub is a Managing Partner and Founder of Inflection 360, a consulting company. He has spent the past two decades providing strategic direction and leadership to healthcare practices, business owners, and management teams.

Michael’s expertise is focused on early-stage growth businesses, healthcare practices, and major corporations, where he specializes in acquisitions, handling deal sourcing and pipeline development, negotiation, and transaction execution. He provides strategic oversight to support the needs of emerging healthcare groups and small businesses looking to develop and execute a strategic plan.

Michael began his career in investment banking, working with numerous major corporate clients on equity and debt capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate restructuring engagements. Michael was also a finance executive at a Silicon Valley start-up prior to entering the healthcare sector in 2002.

Michael received his undergraduate degree from the Wharton School of Business and his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Topics Covered

  • What has changed in healthcare M&A? [1:10]
  • How is the healthcare market affected by a recession? [2:36]
  • What healthcare sectors attract venture capitalists the most? [5:37]
  • What’s the difference between the multiples private equity firms are paying vs. strategic buyers? [9:52]
  • Is there international interest and growth in the healthcare market? [14:20]
  • How is the talent market changing throughout the healthcare industry? [18:13]
  • What’s the biggest bottleneck to growth in healthcare M&A? [23:57]
  • What goes into the working capital calculation of a healthcare practice? [29:18]
  • How has the societal shift to a healthier lifestyle impacted the healthcare industry? [31:27] 
  • How impactful are changes in political administrations to the healthcare industry? [33:50]
  • What is the healthcare industry’s defense as to why it is primarily privatized in the U.S. vs. the public healthcare systems in many other countries? [45:52]
  • What are some potential major healthcare industry changes in the next 10 to 20 years? [48:50]

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