Preparing to Sell a Digital Company

About the Episode

The digital marketplace is rapidly evolving and has unique challenges in M&A. Yury Byalik, an expert in buying digital companies, shares what he looks for when acquiring a digital business and offers advice on preparing a digital company for sale. Yury describes the most common mistakes sellers make the criteria buyers consider as they evaluate a company, and gives clear definitions of some of the hottest topics in M&A today. This is a show full of advice for sellers from a buyer’s perspective.

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“The impact of AI is huge. I’m already seeing a lot of it now. As a seller, the best thing you can do is integrate AI into both your processes and the business you are operating, especially if it is in the technology space.”

Yury Byalik

In this Episode

3:07 What does Onfolio do?
5:26 What is the most common mistake that sellers of digital businesses tend to commit?
8:22 When should sellers begin the preparation process before selling their business?
13:42 How can sellers avoid a last-minute renegotiation tactic from a buyer and maximize their selling price?
14:53 What other common mistakes do sellers make?
16:05 What does the future hold for content businesses?
17:52 What is parasite SEO?
18:55 How is AI going to affect digital businesses over the next few years?
22:30 Can a quality of earnings analysis help a seller before going to market?
28:40 What’s a search fund?
35:10 What are some of the challenges of running an e-commerce business? What is the danger of being reliant on one channel?
40:56 What are the top five or ten key criteria that should be considered when evaluating a potential acquisition?
44:48 How important is the team of the company being sold?
49:34 What are some of the problems with companies that have direct-response marketing and subscription models?
52:57 What is the perfect business?
1:02:18 Where’s the money to be made in AI?
1:05:15 Final words of advice to listeners.

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Acronyms or Terms Used in This Episode

  • SaaS: Software as a Service – Delivery of software applications over the internet on a subscription basis.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization – Strategies to improve a website’s visibility and ranking on search engines.
  • Amazon FBA: Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon – A service where Amazon stores, packs, and ships products for third-party sellers.
  • Dropshipping: Retail model where a store doesn’t keep products in stock but fulfills orders by shipping products directly from suppliers to customers.
  • AI: Artificial Intelligence – Simulation of human intelligence in machines that can perform tasks requiring human-like cognitive abilities.
  • Parasite SEO: Utilizing existing high-ranking websites to improve one’s own site’s visibility in search engines.
  • SBA loans: Small Business Administration loans – Government-backed loans for small businesses to support growth and development.
  • Roll-ups: Merging multiple companies in the same industry to create a larger, more competitive entity.

Meet Our Guest

Yury Byalik

Yury Byalik

Head of Strategy and Acquisitions at

Yury Byalik is Head of Strategy and Acquisitions at With over 15 years of experience in marketing across various industries and verticals, Yury’s deep understanding of growth marketing, deal sourcing, evaluation, and due diligence has been instrumental in helping businesses grow revenue and traffic.

Prior to joining Onfolio, Yury was the Lead Strategic Consultant for Epsilon, a Publicis Groupe subsidiary, where he advised clients on digital marketing strategies. He has also worked at AJ Madison as SEO manager and SEO director and as the Digital Marketing Manager at Graham & Brown, a UK-based wallpaper manufacturer and retailer, where he developed and implemented the U.S. eCommerce strategy. Yury holds a B.S. from Pace University and a J.D. from Widener University School of Law. His passion for travel, adventure, and meeting people from all walks of life has not only enriched his personal life but also infused his professional approach with a global and innovative outlook.

Location Location: New York, New York (Remote)
Website Website:

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