Selling Your Business to Your Team Through an ESOP

About the Episode

Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) offer middle-market business owners an exit option that can protect their legacy and incentivize their employees. David Blauzvern and Jordan Burg, of CSG Partners, explain the basic mechanics of ESOPs. Their easy conversation makes the complexities of this topic clear as they discuss an overview of an ESOP plan, how they are structured, how shares work, the tax benefits for owners and employees, the prerequisites needed, and why ESOPs should be considered a powerful M&A alternative.

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In this Episode

1:02 What is an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP)?
7:11 What type of business owners should consider selling to an ESOP?
9:19 What types of qualified retirement plans are there right now?
10:47 What’s the primary driver for a business owner to consider an ESOP as an exit option?
17:51 How many ESOPs are in the United States?
18:31 Are ESOPs primarily used as an exit option?
20:01 How is an ESOP structured?
25:37 The implications of ESOPs being perceived as a complex topic.
28:13 What are the basic mechanics of an ESOP?
33:07 Examples of how ESOPs are structured.
42:14 What do M&A experts and business owners need to know about ESOPs?
43:50 Who is an ESOP for?
46:41 What are the prerequisites needed to do an ESOP?
49:33 Why should an owner consider an ESOP?

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Meet Our Guest

David Blauzvern

David Blauzvern

Vice President at CSG Partners

An award-winning ESOP advisor, David Blauzvern offers closely held middle-market businesses a full range of investment banking, valuation, and capital advisory services. A product of CSG Partners’ best-in-class talent development program, David joined CSG in 2016. His clients include construction, consumer goods, professional services, and media firms.

Previously at JPMorgan Chase & Co., David worked in the corporate sector group where he focused on cross-organizational expense and operating efficiency analysis. He also started several entrepreneurial ventures as an undergrad at University of Wisconsin–Madison’s School of Business and remains an avid participant in New York’s start-up community.

An active community volunteer, David is the recipient of a Carnegie Medal from the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission, as well as recognition from the Life Saving Benevolent Association. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, David leads CSG’s ESOP advisory efforts across New England.

Location Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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