What is it like selling to a private investor?

About the Episode

In an M&A world dominated by PE firms and family offices, there are a few private investors who march to their own beat when it comes to looking for companies to buy. Rami Cassis is one such investor, and he shares his insights into what he looks for when acquiring a company and offers tips on common mistakes that sellers make. This candid conversation covers what appeals to a private investor, the differences between working with a PE firm, and the critical nature of chemistry in M&A transactions. 

“Pay attention to details and surround yourself with the right team.” 

Rami Cassis

What You’ll Learn

  • Types of Buyers: Learn about the differences between a family office, private equity, and private investors.
  • Chemistry: Consider the importance of chemistry in M&A relationships from the initial meeting with a buyer through final integration.
  • Tips on Private Equity: There are pros and cons to consider before selling to a private equity firm.

Topics Covered

How is dealing with a private investor different from other types of buyers? [2:54]
What makes a company easier or harder to turn around? [10:56]
How much capital can typically be obtained for a $10, $20, $30 million deal? [16:05]
What does a private investor look for first when considering a company for acquisition? [19:10]
Why is chemistry so important in M&A deals? [25:35]
What are the biggest mistakes that sellers make? [26:25]

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Meet Our Guest

Rami Cassis

Rami Cassis

Private Investor | London, England

Rami Cassis is an international growth investor and CEO of Parabellum Investments. In 2012, he founded Parabellum Investments, his family office, which invests his own capital to acquire, build, and grow businesses, with a focus on the technology and life sciences sectors.

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