Creating Unforgettable Branding for the F&B Consumer

About the Episode

Iconic branding will stick in a consumer’s mind for years. Presenting a consistent brand experience across every touchpoint is critical to a successful marketing campaign for any F&B product. Branding expert Alexandra Liebler shares insights on how to build brands and deliver profitable growth. She discusses building brand experience and creating emotional connections, shares insights into how branding has changed over time, and highlights the branding points of memorable global brands.

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In this Episode

0:59 What does it mean to build a brand experience?
8:15 How can a company differentiate its brand?
13:10 What are some of the challenges in managing a global brand?
16:37 How important are brand consistency and product quality in the food and beverage sector?
21:27 How much do emotions play into eating habits, and how can brands tap into that?
29:02 How does the lifecycle of trends vary in the food and beverage sector versus other consumer areas such as fashion?
35:09 How can a brand motivate a consumer to make an impulsive purchase?
37:20 What are the five Cs for understanding the differences between the shopper and the consumer?
38:55 What percentage of shoppers are women?
40:00 What role does shopper marketing play in marketing to different generations?
41:30 How can a company develop and integrate its branding experience to pull different company silos into unison, such as marketing, operations, and sales?
48:26 How can a company build great brand experiences?
54:37 In what ways does the subconscious impact consumers’ purchasing decisions?

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Meet Our Guest

Alexandra Liebler

Alexandra Liebler

Founder of XprtSuite

Alexandra Liebler, founder of XprtSuite and previously the Global Head of Commercial Development of Carlsberg Group, has 32 years of experience in the consumer packaged goods space. She has spent her time evenly split between Brand Marketing, Sales, Shopper Marketing, and Commercial Development in companies that include Kodak, PepsiCo, SABMiller, InnerWorkings, and Carlsberg. In her spare time, she enjoys consulting. She has recently returned to Florida after living in Denmark.

Alexandra enjoys building teams, driving cross-functional alignment, and leading insights-based strategies to drive profitable revenue growth while building brand equity. Shopper Marketing is one of her passions as well as developing capability that leads to cross-functional collaboration to deliver joint goals. Her leadership experience includes the US market, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and global roles.

Alexandra was named a prestigious “Who’s Who” executive in the Shopper Marketing magazine and was a “Design of the Times” Path to Purchase Institute Judge evaluating global Shopper Marketing Executions. She has been featured in several publications related to Shopper Marketing. She has been a keynote speaker at several significant conventions in the US, Latin America, and Europe and she has enjoyed being a guest professor at the University of Miami and the University of West Indies.

Location Location: South Florida

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