Building a Brand Name – A Love Affair with Chocolate

About the Episode

Chocolate makes the world go round – at least it does for Sarris Chocolates. William Sarris discusses the growth and evolution of a small family chocolate company into a major player in the independent chocolate business, Sarris Chocolates. He discusses the universal love of chocolate, the company’s growth from the family’s basement to a destination retail shop, the production facilities that produce over 3000 chocolate novelties, and how this family has built a brand that continues to evolve and grow.

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“Make your own brand. You’ve got to build your brand – one person at a time.”

William Sarris

In this Episode

1:29 What makes chocolate so popular?
3:44 William Sarris’ background and a brief history of Sarris Candies.
9:02 How did the acquisition of Gardners Candies come about in 1997?
12:01 What are the biggest challenges in working with and sourcing chocolate?
15:30 What are the supply-side risks of sourcing cacao, and is it possible to mitigate risk?
18:50 What is the production chain for chocolate candies?
22:39 What exact chemicals are in cacao that leave human beings feeling good?
28:32 How has the candy industry changed since Sarris Chocolates started in the early 1960s?
31:26 What is involved in chocolate production? How hard is it for a small company to start and stay in the chocolate industry?
34:40 How long does it take to go through the production process from the beginning to shipping a final product?
39:34 What is the in-store shopping experience like for visitors at the Sarris Candies store?
43:42 How difficult is it to balance the company’s brand in the chocolate industry versus the brand image with customers?
46:43 What lessons can be learned from business decisions that may be good or bad?
52:10 What are some considerations for making an acquisition in the chocolate industry?
55:32 What has contributed to the success of Sarris Candies?
56:42 What are the challenges in maintaining a retail business in general and in the chocolate industry specifically?
1:03:45 What lies ahead for the chocolate industry, and what will be the biggest changes in the next generation?

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  • CBD: Cannabidiol – a compound derived from cannabis plants with potential therapeutic properties.
  • NFL: National Football League – the highest level of professional American football in the United States.
  • NHL: National Hockey League – the premier professional ice hockey league in North America.
  • PR: Public Relations – the practice of managing communication between an organization and the public to build a positive image.
  • RCA Records: Radio Corporation of America Records – a historic record label that was one of the most influential in the music industry.
  • R&D Department: Research and Development Department – a division within a company focused on innovation and product improvement.
  • UPS: United Parcel Service – an American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company.

Meet Our Guest

William Sarris

William Sarris

CEO of Sarris Candies

William Sarris is CEO of Sarris Candies, a family-owned business that his father started in the basement of the family home in 1960. Bill began working in the family business as a small boy, then joined full-time after graduating from Washington & Jefferson College with a BS in chemistry and physics. Bill has used his chemistry background in the development of chocolate recipes Sarris still uses today. 

Sarris Candies has grown from being a home-based business to being available in over 1800 locations across more than 11 states. The Sarris Chocolate Factory and Ice Cream Parlour in Canonsburg, PA, has a production and retail facility that covers an area the size of a full city block, with over 100 yards of chocolate, penny candy, ice cream, and life-like plush toys. The company is also active through its online store and operates Gardners Candies store in central Pennsylvania. Bill was named Ernst & Young’s 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year in the Family Business Category for the Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia region.

Location Location: Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

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