Complexities of Managing the F&B Supply Chain

About the Episode

Managing the supply chain is a complex task in the F&B industry. Eran Mizrahi is a problem solver in the ingredient space. He shares his expertise in this in-depth conversation about the intricacies of the supply chain. He discusses due diligence for food safety and compliance, the different stages of the supply chain for any ingredient, choosing and working with suppliers, the sourcing process, the logistics of transporting ingredients around the globe, and the importance of planning in a successful supply chain.

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“An effective supply chain is about building processes to handle issues and problem solve. If you build from the ground up with that mentality, you will be servicing your customers well. Acknowledge that supply chains are not perfect, that things will always go wrong, and that it is likely that you will be solving problems along the way.”

Eran Mizrahi

In this Episode

3:03 How did Ingredient Brothers start?
5:45 What does Ingredient Brothers do?
10:50 What is involved in the process of sourcing and finding suppliers?
13:52 How fragmented or standardized are food safety regulations at a global level?
14:57 What complexities are involved in the supply chain for a specific product, such as coconuts?
18:10 What are the general stages or steps in the supply chain for any ingredient?
20:47 How well does the invisible hand manage the supply chain?
23:30 How does the supply chain adapt to surges in demand?
26:04 Approximately how long does each step in the supply chain typically take?
30:35 How does a processor impact the timing of the supply chain?
32:44 What are some of the differences between consolidated and fragmented processors?
40:14 What areas do the Compliance Team and Supply Chain Team at Ingredient Brothers look for when they are identifying suppliers and vendors to work with?
43:00 What makes a good supplier in the F&B industry?
48:34 How do cultural differences and nuances impact sourcing and the supply chain process?
50:48 How do suppliers approach complicated regulatory environments that are so different between countries?
54:43 What types of customers do Ingredient Brothers deal with?
59:03 How long does the logistics process typically take? What are the risk points in the logistics and transportation of fresh ingredients?
1:02:23 What products have a more complicated logistics network?
1:08:21 What’s the most difficult challenge in terms of logistics and transportation?
1:10:07 What is the impact of social media on the supply chain?
1:15:47 Is the supply chain becoming more efficient?

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Acronyms or Terms Used in This Episode

  • Invisible Hand: a concept in economics where individuals pursuing their self-interest in a free market unintentionally benefit society as a whole.
  • CCPs: critical control points
  • Prop 65: Proposition 65, also known as Prop 65, is a California state law officially titled the “Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.” This law was designed to protect California residents from exposure to toxic chemicals by requiring businesses to provide warnings about significant exposures to chemicals that are known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Meet Our Guest

Eran Mizrahi

Eran Mizrahi

CEO and Co-Founder of Ingredient Brothers

Eran Mizrahi is the CEO and co-founder of Ingredient Brothers, a specialty ingredient sourcing company started in 2021.

Eran grew up watching his father grow a successful import business that was built on integrity and customer service. A South African transplant, Eran started his career at Deloitte, a business management consulting firm. From there, he went to New York and got his MBA in Operations and Entrepreneurship from Columbia Business School in 2014.

Eran was an early employee at, where he focused on building, planning, and sourcing programs. The team’s collective efforts led to a $300 million sale to Albertsons.

Eran then went on to join, one of the world’s largest nuts and specialty ingredient e-commerce companies. He was quickly elevated to COO and quadrupled his capacity to support growth in 2020.

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