Do You Need to Prepare for Due Diligence When Selling Your Business?


About the Episode

Due diligence is a critical step in the M&A process, but it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Anthony Nitsos specializes in helping companies optimize internal systems and shares his insights and tips on preparing for due diligence. He discusses what is involved, the areas covered, how to prepare, common patterns, and the buyer’s goal. He also covers the cost of due diligence versus the cost of being unprepared and the impact on the final price. Don’t shortchange yourself in this vital activity.

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In this Episode

1:43 Why preparing for due diligence is critical.
4:05 What’s typically involved in due diligence, and how extensive is it?
6:22 What can go wrong if an owner doesn’t prepare for due diligence?
12:00 What are the key steps in preparing for due diligence?
20:04 What is the buyer’s goal in conducting due diligence?
24:16 Example of a back-office specialization
27:25 What is it like being an advisor involved in due diligence?
35:02 How long does it take to do the prep work for due diligence?
38:08 What can an owner of a mid-market company expect going into due diligence?
47:33 What is the toughest part of the preparation process of due diligence for the owner and management team?
51:00 A story and the lesson learned to illustrate these points during due diligence.

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Meet Our Guest

Anthony Nitsos

Anthony Nitsos

Founder and Lead Guru at SaaS Gurus

Anthony Nitsos is the founder of SaaS Gurus, a state-of-the-art finance and admin ecosystem for B2B SaaS companies. Anthony scales B2B SaaS companies by setting up state-of-the-art finance and stakeholder ecosystems. This allows the companies to delay the cost of hiring a CFO and build internal competence by leveraging a hybrid blend of medical, operations, IT, and finance professional skills. Anthony was the Director of Finance at two unicorns, Duo Security (sold to Cisco for $2.35 billion) and Llamasoft (sold to Coupa for $1.5 billion).

Location Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

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