Behind the Scenes – From Startup to a $441 Million Exit

About the Episode

Listen as we take you on a ride from start to finish on a $441 million exit. Gustavo Ruiz Moya was the CEO of SafetyPay and successfully exited on January 31, 2022. We’ll discuss how Gustavo raised the capital to scale the company, important lessons he learned along the way, how he built the team, how the company was valued, how the deal was structured, who advised him along the way, and how he managed the sale and negotiating process.

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In this Episode

4:20 How did you fund the company?
8:30 Was it easier to raise capital because you were also meeting society’s goals of financial inclusion?
10:40 What was it like raising the initial rounds of financing?
12:20 How many rounds of financing did you receive?
13:19 What’s your advice to other entrepreneurs who are trying to raise financing?
14:40 The investment thesis
16:00 What’s more important – growth or profitability?
17:55 Goals of financial sponsors in different geographic markets
18:50 What’s your advice to first-time entrepreneurs?
22:50 What’s your advice to those looking to raise financing?
26:30 What multiple of revenue and EBITDA did you receive?
29:00 How did you find the buyer?
29:38 The sale process
34:12 Why did you decide to prepare for the sale in advance?
36:12 How much time and money did you invest in preparing the company for sale?
38:37 Who did you sell the company to?
40:34 The deal structure
41:50 Was this an emotional decision for you to sell the company?
44:10 What was the most difficult aspect of scaling the company?
45:25 How did you source talent for your team?
47:27 Who did you have to advise you along the way?
48:50 How did you find the chairman?
49:30 What would you do differently looking back at the entire process?
51:10 Where did you source talent from?
52:34 What would you do differently in the sale process?
55:30 Do you see more opportunities in LATAM?
57:05 If you had to start all over fresh out of high school, what would you do differently?
59:00 Why did you decide to continue to work if you can retire?
1:00:10 What are your plans in the next 5 to 10 years?

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Meet Our Guest

Gustavo Ruiz Moya

Gustavo Ruiz Moya

CEO of SafetyPay

Gustavo Ruiz Moya was the CEO of SafetyPay and led the company since 2013 until their recent acquisition by Paysafe in January 2022. With this acquisition, Gustavo became CEO of eCash for Latin America and Global Head of Open Banking. His extensive background ranges across several sectors, such as payments, banking, and travel industries. Prior to joining SafetyPay, Gustavo led American Express Bank in Mexico, holding several top positions, including VP and General Manager. His strategic vision and knowledge of international markets guided SafetyPay to achieve aggressive performance goals, including increased market share and enhanced bottom-line results. Gustavo holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Agronomy from Colorado State University and a Diploma in Foreign Trade from the Universidad de las Americas.

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