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Why Early-Stagers Need Valuations

Why Early-Stagers Need Valuations

Pieter Stam

Appraiser Business Valuation

You already know from listening to “Deal Talk” how important a valuation of your company can be in the due diligence stage of the M&A process or even for periodic assessment of where your company stands, and also for tax or even divorce-related reasons. However, if you’re an entrepreneur, just how insightful might an appraisal of your new start-up or early-stage business be to help you determine where your business is at? According to our guest, Pieter Stam, a business appraiser at Amsterdam-based Troostvijk, an early valuation is not only insightful, but valuable, in terms of the impact it could have on the value of your business.

Guest Profile

Pieter Stam is a professional valuation consultant appraising intangible assets and businesses. Pieter has a master’s degree in International Business and is a a business appraiser at Amsterdam-based Troostvijk.


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