From Employee to Owner – A Food & Beverage Tale of Success

About the Episode

What goes into the art of creating a wedding cake? Stephanie Chain, business owner and pastry chef of the micro-bakery Sweet Luncheonette, specializes in creating bespoke wedding cakes. She discusses the health and safety concerns that led to her emphasis on creating sugar flowers for cakes, the specifics about what goes into making custom wedding cakes, the different perspectives she has encountered as an owner versus being an employee, and the role of food in important social and cultural events.

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In this Episode

2:41 What is a micro-bakery?
4:16 What is a sugar flower?
4:52 What is the most significant challenge when creating a wedding cake?
5:51 How do wedding cakes fit into the concept of being works of art?
10:03 What is the process of working with clients to create a wedding cake?
16:11 What is the production process for creating the sugar flowers and the wedding cake?
19:29 Are health and food safety issues a common concern with clients?
21:21 What is the most difficult part of the overall process?
23:05 Does baking attract a certain type of personality?
24:35 Is there much pressure in the process, from creating the sugar flowers to delivering the final product?
26:55 Story of the gnat cake.
30:22 How did Stephanie start baking wedding cakes?
33:59 What’s the kitchen culture like for someone who is a double minority? How do clients interact differently with a business owner versus an employee?
36:43 Has the artistry or process of creating a wedding cake undergone significant changes over the past century?
37:50 What are some popular substitutes for wedding cakes?
38:37 A brief history of wedding cakes.

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Meet Our Guest

Stephanie Chain

Stephanie Chain

Owner of Sweet Luncheonette, LLC

Stephanie is a pastry chef on the Georgia coast with roots in Deepstep, Georgia. She is the business owner and pastry chef at Sweet Luncheonette, a micro-bakery specializing in bespoke wedding cakes. Stephanie’s culinary journey is rooted in her diversified background in fine arts and gives her an aesthetic sensibility that transfers to her culinary, baking, and pastry arts.

A winner of The Taste of Camden for the best dessert and voted the best baker in Camden Lifestyle magazine, Stephanie’s skills have been recognized and appreciated by prestigious resorts like the Jekyll Island Club Resort and The King and Prince Resort.

Specializing in sugar flowers, American-style butter cakes, and intricate fondant textures, Stephanie’s unwavering discipline and high standards have become her trademark. She approaches each dessert as a unique project, valuing quality, flavor, and detailed craftsmanship while always keeping her customers at heart.

Location Location: Saint Marys, Georgia

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