Behind the Scenes of a Shark Tank Success

About the Episode

Functional beverages are sweeping the markets, and the intersection between mental wellness and organic living meets at the first plant-based smoothie made from whole coconut – Genius Juice. Alex Bayer, founder of Genius Juice, discusses the evolution of his company, scalability, supply chain issues, launching a new product line, and building a sustainable business. Hear insights from this entrepreneur who has imagined, developed, and marketed a niche food product and garnered investment partners on the TV show Shark Tank.

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In this Episode

1:10 What is Genius Juice, and how was it created?
3:49 Is Genius Juice replicable?
5:28 What was the process of creating Genius Juice?
8:29 Why was scalability an issue in bringing Genius Juice to the market?
10:42 What supply chain issues has Genius Juice encountered?
13:21 What kind of feedback has Genius Juice received on its products?
16:21 What is a wellness shot?
19:14 What is driving the interest in nootropics?
23:54 How does Genius Juice formulate its smoothies?
28:37 What is the biggest challenge for Genius Juice moving forward?
33:12 Why is it important to put words like “daily nootropic shot” on bottles?
34:40 What is the typical price point for a wellness shot?
37:32 To what extent is it essential to build an identity and tell a story about a brand?
39:08 What is the greatest lesson Alex Bayer has learned in this space to date?

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Acronyms or Terms Used in This Episode

  • Functional beverages – a liquid food formulated and marketed to provide specific health benefits.
  • Wellness shot – a liquid functional beverage that has been concentrated into a 2-3 ounce shot that is promoted as giving tremendous benefits in a small, quick dose.
  • Nootropic – a functional drink that is specifically geared toward enhancing brain function and mental wellness.

Meet Our Guest

Alex Bayer

Alex Bayer

Founded of Genius Juice

Alex Bayer founded Genius Juice in 2014 with the goal of creating better products and bringing nutrition to the mainstream. Their first line is a line of organic coconut smoothies that blend coconut water and coconut meat. Alex developed the branding and likeness of the bottles, envisioned and coordinated the go-to-market strategies for expansion, and handled the brand-building of the product. He also appeared on the TV investment show Shark Tank to secure investors in the company.

In Spring 2023, Genius Juice is launching a “Genius Boost” line of nootropic wellness shots focused on helping people lift brain fog and be more productive in their daily lives with better focus, energy, and clarity.

Before creating Genius Juice, Alex started as an insurance salesman straight out of college, knocking on business doors in business parks all over Los Angeles and Orange County for over 7 years with AFLAC, working up to being one of the Top 5 Sales Agents in the region. From there, he took a stint in the non-profit world, raising money for children’s hospitals in Atlanta and Los Angeles, and being a managing partner of a start-up NPO before starting Genius Juice.

Location Location: Los Angeles, California

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