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Are you interested in participating in our Podcast? If so, listen to this episode as we discuss how to be a guest on our show. The purpose of our show is to answer the most common questions that business owners have, clarify the most confusing areas of buying and selling a business and shed light on the process that entrepreneurs will go through when they decide to buy or sell a business.

During the show, we will discuss an array of topics relating to buying or selling a business. What may seem like a simple conversation between professionals will not only help listeners, it will also highlight your talents, market your services and draw clients to your business. Receive free exposure and marketing for your business (including a link to the program to share with your client base), create more traffic for your website and showcase your talents, all while helping our listeners learn about buying and selling businesses.

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Morgan & Westfield "Deal Talk" talks about information you need to know when selling a business as well as buying a business. We have invited different personalities who specialize in this area that could help sellers to understand more about selling or buying a business. 

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The Morgan & Westfield Podcast is a collection of conversations hosted by Jacob Orosz, Certified Business and Licensed Real Estate Broker. Mr. Orosz is the president and founder of Morgan & Westfield, and each of Mr. Orosz’s podcasts are intended to provide helpful information for those who are looking to buy or sell a business. With such interesting topics as the benefit of funding a business using retirement funds to the various types of listing agreements, the Morgan & Westfield Podcast offers the answers that you need to become an informed business buyer or sellers.

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Emery Orosz’s podcast, "Franchise Talk" is designed to help clients learn more about franchising in general, and the specifics of certain franchise's that he has hand-picked to represent. Oftentimes the podcasts are quite simple in nature so that the person new to franchising can begin to understand the nature and complexities of this exciting world. Other times the podcast digs deeper into a particular franchise offering. The podcasts are very informal and entertaining at times. As a host, Emery tries to put the guest at ease and have some fun while educating his listeners at the same time.