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Feedback from Past Business Sales

At Morgan & Westfield, the work we do is only as good as the impression our clients and their advisors have of us when the job is done. Below are some of the comments our clients have made about how we helped them with various steps in the process of selling or valuing a business.

Bakery ~ KB

I discovered Morgan + Westfield after I read the free book about selling a business that is available on Amazon. I have friends that sold a business in Texas and they warned me about using a full-service business broker — they make you sign a contract, then disappear and then want a 10-12% commission if the business sells. My friends eventually let the contract they had with the broker expire and ended up selling the business themselves. I don’t have that much free time, and your services seemed exactly what I needed. I needed some push and guidance in order to get our business listed, and I will need some help when we have a buyer locked in. And the fee that you charge seems much more reasonable than the commission I would pay a broker. I appreciated the level of analysis and due diligence that had to be performed before the business was listed. Also, people who have received the business summary have told me that it was the best summary that they had seen from any listed business. They really liked the level of detail and the amount of information that is in the summary.

Automotive Services Company ~ Mike T.

You spent a lot of time with me helping me write my ad and even spent some time reviewing some documents I was showing to buyers. Your help was incredible and had saved me thousands of dollars in commissions. I can’t believe anyone would pay a broker 10% when they can do it all themselves using the same advertising methods and forms.

Publishing Company ~ Mary E.

I couldn’t have done it without you. Your help was absolutely invaluable. You saved me over $40,000 in broker fees, and your advice was priceless. The process was pretty simple and straightforward with the forms and resources that Morgan & Westfield provided for me.

Restaurant Owner ~ Bonnie P.

Thank you for your professionalism. I will definitely consider using your services again. I would also send any referrals that come my way to you.

Restaurant Owners ~ Lisa P. and Dave C.

Everything is going well. I just wanted to thank you and your service for bringing so many qualified, thoughtful buyers to our door. We tried to sell the business completely ourselves. But all we got were a lot of people who hadn’t thought it through properly. Once we started using your service, the buyers were more serious and prepared. It helped a lot. We will use you again when we need to sell our next business.

Gym Owner ~ Mike G

I appreciate all you did for me. I would have been completely lost throughout the process without your help. I will definitely refer others to you to represent them in selling and buying businesses.

Storage Facility ~ Olivia P.

I wanted to thank you for the personal attention you give to your clients. I also wanted to thank you for looking out for us, and in the future, we will use you and your company anytime we have property for sale.

Automotive Services Company ~ Gary X.

Thank you for all your business documents and ways to help me sell my business on my own. It has come to the point where the buyer and I are getting ready to put the deal together. I want to say how much your insight has been a major help to me in understanding the process!

Medical Services Company ~ Sandy R.

I used your company about two months ago to assist me in finding a buyer for my business. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of qualified buyers that you generated for us. I would be most happy to speak to anybody about what a fine job you did for me.

Restaurant Owners ~ John and Annie H.

We are so pleased with Morgan & Westfield. We would highly recommend them to anyone selling a business. We used Morgan & Westfield’s For Sale by Owner Program. We received approximately five inquiries a week, had many site visits, including two from California, one from Arizona, and one from Mississippi. We also, of course, had visits from potential buyers from around Texas. Morgan & Westfield was instrumental in wording our advertisement and formulating a price and financing options. You periodically checked in with us, emailed many helpful tips for prequalifying buyers, negotiations and general sales support. Morgan & Westfield’s price structure is phenomenal - it’s quite a bargain. The additional services, legal documents, sales closings and anything else a seller might need assistance with, were also very reasonably priced. We sold our restaurant within a few months. Although the purchaser was a local guy, the presence of many potential buyers and the excitement of negotiating with several of them at the same time helped move the sale at a much quicker pace. We could not have generated the activity on our own. We believe Morgan & Westfield’s services were truly a benefit and well worth the investment.

Law Firm ~ Frank J.

I wanted to write a sincere thank you for all the tremendous work you have done on my behalf. Your professionalism and timely responses are much appreciated. In a fast-paced world, it is hard to find dedicated individuals who take responsibility for taking care of customers. Because of your experience, we have enjoyed a large positive change in our business during these difficult economic times. In the future, I expect you will remain the go-to guy in our business planning. Once we were able to work with you and enjoy the benefits you bring to the table, there would be no chance we would return to the company we dealt with previously.

Real Estate Investor and Broker ~ Tom H.

I am very appreciative of having been referred to you. In a matter of 45 days, we have secured a buyer for all $65 million of our assets. I have never found qualified buyers so quickly.

Vending Machine Company ~ Michael

I was glad to find Morgan & Westfield to advertise my business. Previously I was advertising on craigslist, and that mostly turned out buyers who were unreliable tire kickers. The advertising system Morgan & Westfield uses produces a more qualified buyer.

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