“Trust starts and ends with the truth.” – Santosh Kalwar, Nepalese Author

It’s lonely at the top. As a business owner, you know that better than anyone.

How often have you had to make confidential decisions that directly affected not only your business but also your employees’ lives? Regardless of the frequency, if you’re reading this book, I’m assuming you’re about to make or have already made at least one more key decision – the decision to sell your company.

You’ve perhaps already talked it over with your spouse, a few family members, and a couple of close friends. But what about your other “family” – your employees? When should you tell them? Or should you tell them at all before the transaction is closed?

If you spill the beans too soon, some key employees may jump ship, causing a potential disruption at precisely the time you need your business to look its best. If you wait too long, they may feel betrayed and make things difficult for the new owner when a smooth transition is essential.

In this chapter, I discuss the implications of telling your employees – and when and how to have those conversations. 

The goal here is for you to feel a little less lonely and a lot more informed.