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More information on the complex process of selling your business can be found in the Resources section of the Morgan & Westfield website at Here’s what’s included:

  • Ask the Expert: Links to common M&A questions and answers. Ask any question related to buying, selling, or valuing a business. 
  • Downloads: Links to forms and other useful resources for selling your business.
  • Books: A complete list of my books on selling, valuing, or buying a business, and all other topics related to M&A.
  • Glossary: A glossary of terms used throughout this book. Don’t be confused or intimidated by any terms or abbreviations in the M&A world – you’ll find answers here.
  • M&A Encyclopedia: The most exhaustive encyclopedia in the industry with over 800 pages of insight on every step of the process of selling, buying, or valuing a business.
  • M&A Talk: The #1 podcast on mergers and acquisitions, produced by Morgan & Westfield and hosted by Jacob Orosz. At M&A Talk, we bring you exclusive interviews with a wide variety of experts in mergers and acquisitions, private equity, investment banking, business valuations, law, finance, and all topics related to M&A, buying, selling, and valuing businesses. 
  • M&A University: Complete courses related to buying, selling, or valuing a business. Courses are led by industry experts with decades of industry experience and are designed to give you in-depth knowledge regarding every aspect of the process of preparing your business for sale, valuing it, and closing your deal.

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