The purpose of this book is to educate entrepreneurs on the entire process of planning their exits and selling their business. This book is a team effort, and without the significant contributions from several amazing people, this book would never have come into existence.

I dedicate this book to the entrepreneurs who demonstrate the imagination, focused preparation, hard work, and courage necessary to create and grow the businesses that drive our economic engine. You are a precious resource that should be recognized and rewarded. 

I’m grateful to all of the people who generously gave their time and provided me with information for this book, including small- and medium-sized business owners, lawyers, accountants, investment bankers, partners at private equity groups, industry analysts, and others with specific knowledge of the issues I address. 

I’m also thankful for the many guests I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing on my M&A Talk podcast. Your insights have proven invaluable in rounding out my knowledge of this complex topic. M&A is a complex multidisciplinary topic. No one expert can do it all. Hearing a diversity of viewpoints from a variety of experts has increased my appreciation for the complexity and subtle nuances of this field.

I’m particularly grateful for the help of our team of four editors, Pamela Eastland, Bob Bogda, Graham P. Johnson, and Barbara Wright, who have patiently stood by my side throughout the entire process and who have taken what was initially a mess of ideas and turned it into a cohesive story. Thank you for your attention to detail, persistence, and ability to tie up loose ends to make this a finished product.

A special thank you for the help of my father, Emery Orosz, who has carefully reviewed this book. On a side note, thank you for providing me with the discipline I needed as a child and the patience to allow me to mature and blossom into a successful professional. I love you and could never thank you enough for standing by me every step of the way.

Jacob Orosz

President of Morgan & Westfield
Host of M&A Talk – The #1 Podcast on Mergers & Acquisitions

Author of – The Art of the Exit, A Beginner’s Guide to Business Valuation, The Exit Strategy Handbook, Closing the Deal, Acquired